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Realistic Job Preview


The Realistic Job Preview (RJP) video was developed as a retention tool for
new caseworkers. Research has shown that some job turnover in the first year
can be linked to an insufficient and unrealistic understanding of job. While no
one can ultimately understand the job until they actually do it, the hope is that
this video, depicting a realistic version of casework balancing the challenges
with the more fulfilling aspects of the job that occur most frequently for
caseworkers, shown to prospective candidates, will provide more information
and will help to reduce turnover due to unrealistic job expectations.
It is suggested that each district office show the Realistic Job Preview to
prospective caseworkers prior to the panel interview. The candidates should
put themselves in the role of caseworker and determine whether or not their
skills, ability and temperament fit with the job. We hope that in viewing this,
they will see this as a good match, but if they don’t and choose not to proceed,
that will be viewed as part of the process of attracting and retaining highly
qualified staff that will find the job satisfying.
Actual child welfare workers and other professionals in the field chose to
collaborate with us on this project to give it more authenticity.




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